Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Most Unique Beer in the World

Unique flavors of vintage port, the finest cognac and layers of caramel, sherry and maple make-up this rich, dark liquid. Lingering tastes of cherry and vanilla also make the taste buds tingle. This isn’t your usual fall-time beverage, instead it’s the epitome of Samuel Adams brewing known as their coveted Utopias®.

Utopias® is the world’s strongest naturally fermented beer made, at 56 proof. Served at room temperature, in a snifter, Utopias® offer a flavor unlike any other beer; it’s commonly referred to as “extreme beer”.

Courtesy of Samuel Adams
This 2009 release has been years in the making. Perfected in Buffalo Trace barrels at their award-winning distillery by the same name. The 200-year old brewery selected a blend of batches, some having aged up to 16 years and in the barrel room of their Boston Brewery, in a variety of woods; with the latest batch having spent time in Portuguese muscatel finishing casks, where a flavorful, slightly fruity brew with a sweet, malty flavor reminiscent of a port, was born.

Utopias® come from the ultimate beers of Triple Bock and Millenium, but taken to a new level. Brewed using a variety of malted barley, blended with scotch and bourbon for up to a decade.

Utopias® makes a perfect after dinner drink, if you can find it. Samuel Adams Utopias® was released in limited quantities. According to ChowHound, Whole Foods sells the delicious drink in its gold cask for $189.95 plus tax. To find a batch near you, enter your zip code here.

Malt Varieties: Two-row pale Harrington and Metcalfe, Caramel 60

Hop Variety: Hallertau Mittelfruh, Spalt and Tettnager

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